Drogheda From Millmount

Looking Down on Drogheda from The Cup & Saucer


Here are a couple of panoramic photos of Drogheda from Millmount. You can get fabulous views of Drogheda from up here if the weather is good. On the Hi-Res versions of these images you can really see the beauty and detail of Drogheda. The museum itself is well worth a visit too. Not only does it give a history of Millmount but also of the town of Drogheda. I brought my children there during the summer and on one floor (actually, I think it was the basement) there was a section on telecommunications and one of my daughters pointed out an old rotary phone and asked what it was! I told her it was a phone and showed her how it worked but she couldn’t figure it out. I told her to put her finger in each of the numbers, in the order that she wanted to dial. “So, you had to, like, remember numbers & stuff? That’s mad!!”. She then proceeded to take out her phone and tweet about how ancient I was!!!


Drogheda From Millmount-1.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-2.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-3.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-4.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-5.jpg

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  1. Lulugh September 9, 2015 at 15:01 #

    Excellent expose9 Aangirfan and fleshes out the vile acnoits of this monster. To this day his name conjures a black memory in my countrymen. Yet another example of the real history of Ireland and Britain that has vanished down the memory hole.Cromwell was not the last either. The restoration of the monarchy in England stymied certain plans for the Sanhedrin. That was the cause for the second glorious revolution’ under the Dutch pretender William of Orange. That led to an English Civil War fought on Ireland’s soil. The roots of centuries of sectarian stifle were laid and the money changers have been securely in control since.Few bother to examine the slave trade in its entirety. The poor souls didn’t just appear by magic in their plantations. Vast fortunes were made and whole communities were devastated in the process. As for the fate of the victims, let that be a lesson for us all.Sounds a bit like our recent chat Veritas (grin).

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