Townley Hall

Woodlands Scenery

Here are a selection of images that I took while visiting Townley Hall. It is a wonderful area to visit, great to get out there into nature and have some good old fashioned fun with the family. However, I must say that it is tainted by the fact that there have been many attempted (and some successful) car theft’s and vandalisation in the car park. It leaves us with a quandary, do we enjoy nature with the family, breathing fresh air into our lungs while some thug nicks our car, or do we stay at home and watch a television programme about some thug nicking someone else’s car!

On Yer Bike!

I suppose one solution would be to bring our bikes instead but my one year old still struggles at mountain biking at present!

MNP_Townley Hall-1.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-2.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-10.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-5.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-6.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-3.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-12.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-13.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-4.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-7.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-11.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-8.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-9.jpgIMG_0111.JPG

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  1. Nastia September 9, 2015 at 21:59 #

    I had the exact opposite pobrlem (or same, depending which way you’re facing) while in the USA last year. It’s not so bad traveling on the right hand side of the road, but as soon as you have intersections and turns through traffic you have to suspend all common sense and do the opposite, which is so incredibly effective in completely undermining any driving confidence you pretended to have.The most scary aspects though are really easy mistakes to makes, knowing where to look when you do a u-turn on a single lane road, and how to act in parking lots could really get you into some serious pobrlems.It is refreshing though to see our right-side friends having the same issues when driving on the correct side of the road.

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