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Drogheda From Millmount

Looking Down on Drogheda from The Cup & Saucer


Here are a couple of panoramic photos of Drogheda from Millmount. You can get fabulous views of Drogheda from up here if the weather is good. On the Hi-Res versions of these images you can really see the beauty and detail of Drogheda. The museum itself is well worth a visit too. Not only does it give a history of Millmount but also of the town of Drogheda. I brought my children there during the summer and on one floor (actually, I think it was the basement) there was a section on telecommunications and one of my daughters pointed out an old rotary phone and asked what it was! I told her it was a phone and showed her how it worked but she couldn’t figure it out. I told her to put her finger in each of the numbers, in the order that she wanted to dial. “So, you had to, like, remember numbers & stuff? That’s mad!!”. She then proceeded to take out her phone and tweet about how ancient I was!!!


Drogheda From Millmount-1.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-2.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-3.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-4.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-5.jpg

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Street Photography

Dublin City

Street Photography

I spent a few hours on Saturday just walking around Dublin with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I purposely took some time and dedicated it to just observing life around me and found it to be very therapeutic and would recommend it to everyone. Street photography is more than just taking snapshots, it’s about capturing moments in time that are gone in a split second. You need to be able to spot something that tells a story, be it poignant, ironic, a “day in the life” situation or something that’s funny. I particularly like contrasting moments like the gentleman lighting a pipe beside a picture of a woman wearing a gas mask or the elderly couple listening to the two young buskers (who were playing heavy metal). Someone also said that in that shot, it looks like the bass player is standing on the ladies shopping trolley.

Murder Of Our SoulOld BicycleRockin' OAP'sLost & LonelyYou Lookin' at Me?No Smoking PleaseBursting a bubble behind a balloonOld Man ReadingThis town is only big enough for one of usSmall, big, biggerLover's LaneHey Watch it! - Come here you!Rush Hour, pedestrian styleGet up, Stand upHurler



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Paris Break

A few photographs from a break in Paris

Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower PanoramaThe Champs-ÉlyséesArc de TriompheEiffel TowerUnder the Arc de TriompheParis, The City Of LoveThe Eiffel TowerThe River SeineThe LouvreFrom the top of Eiffel TowerUnder the Eiffel TowerFrom atop the Eiffel TowerSpiral stairs in the Arc de Triomphe

These are a few shots taken in Paris. Some were from the top of the Arc De Triomphe, looking down at the Champs-Élysées. Some were taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower looking down at the Arc De Triomphe.


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