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Whiteriver Karting

Great Racing At Whiteriver Karting

It was a fine day for race fans today at Whiteriver Karting in Collon. There were on-track scuffles from the bambino’s all the way up to the seniors and let me tell you, the young ones didn’t hold back!

It was organised by Tullyallen Karting Club, they race in various circuits around the Louth, Meath and Dublin area, including Athboy, Santry and Whiteriver Collon.

Marshall Law

It was great to see that the proceedings were kept safe and fair by the marshall’s today, one of which is pictured below. I won’t say his name because he’s very shy (yeah right!) and, from an internet presence is as rare as a Sumatran rabbit (that’s why I was delighted to get a photo of such a rare species, but if you click this link, it should give you a big enough hint!!)

MNP_Whiteriver Karting-14.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-16.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-1.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-10.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-11.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-12.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-13.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-15.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-17.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-18.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-19.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-2.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-20.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-35.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-21.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-22.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-23.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-24.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-25.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-26.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-27.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-28.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-29.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-3.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-4.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-5.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-30.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-31.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-32.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-33.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-34.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-6.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-7.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-8.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-9.jpg

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