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Legends XV Vs. Colmcilles XV


Great Craic was had by all when the Legends XV played St. Colmcilles XV this evening. Many GAA All stars turned up for what was a great evening’s entertainment. Some of the players included:

  • The mayor of Drogheda, Richie Culhane,
  • Darragh Ó Sé – Kerry footballer and six time all Ireland champion,
  • Graham Geraghty – Winner of 2 All Ireland titles for Meath in 1996 and ’99,
  • Michael Duignan – who won 2 All Ireland hurling medals for his home county, Offaly.
  • Peter Canavan – AKA Peter the Great, winner of 2 All Ireland medals & 6 All Star awards,
  • Nigel Crawford, Winner of 1 All Ireland & 3 Leinster titles for Meath, including captaining them to their win over Louth in the 2010 Leinster Final.
  • John Mullane,Waterford Hurler & Legend in his own right is a 4 time Munster Hurling Champion. He also has 5 All Stars and a National Hurling League Title to his name.
  • Ross Carr, Double All Ireland winner for County Down,
  • Seamus Moynihan, Winner of 4 All Ireland titles for County Kerry,
  • Robbie O’Malley, who played for St. Colmcilles, as well as Meath during the 80’s & 90’s and has 2 All Ireland medals & 3 All stars to his name,
  • Bernard Flynn, who has 2 All Irelands and 5 All Star Awards for Meath and was also a Cilles man.

There is also one (or two) of Bernard Flynn with local lad, Noel “Take another picture of me!” Lannon (who is wearing Bernard’s original 1987 All-Ireland winning jersey!)

Michael Duignan played in goal and also managed to commentate too! Meanwhile John Mullane (who also played in goal for a penalty kick tournament) played a blinder, as did Peter “The Great” Canavan. However, the true class of all the Meath players (both from the Cilles and The Legends) shone through in the end…& as a Meath man, I am not being one bit biased!!!



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Townley Hall

Woodlands Scenery

Here are a selection of images that I took while visiting Townley Hall. It is a wonderful area to visit, great to get out there into nature and have some good old fashioned fun with the family. However, I must say that it is tainted by the fact that there have been many attempted (and some successful) car theft’s and vandalisation in the car park. It leaves us with a quandary, do we enjoy nature with the family, breathing fresh air into our lungs while some thug nicks our car, or do we stay at home and watch a television programme about some thug nicking someone else’s car!

On Yer Bike!

I suppose one solution would be to bring our bikes instead but my one year old still struggles at mountain biking at present!

MNP_Townley Hall-1.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-2.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-10.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-5.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-6.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-3.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-12.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-13.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-4.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-7.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-11.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-8.jpgMNP_Townley Hall-9.jpgIMG_0111.JPG

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Whiteriver Karting

Great Racing At Whiteriver Karting

It was a fine day for race fans today at Whiteriver Karting in Collon. There were on-track scuffles from the bambino’s all the way up to the seniors and let me tell you, the young ones didn’t hold back!

It was organised by Tullyallen Karting Club, they race in various circuits around the Louth, Meath and Dublin area, including Athboy, Santry and Whiteriver Collon.

Marshall Law

It was great to see that the proceedings were kept safe and fair by the marshall’s today, one of which is pictured below. I won’t say his name because he’s very shy (yeah right!) and, from an internet presence is as rare as a Sumatran rabbit (that’s why I was delighted to get a photo of such a rare species, but if you click this link, it should give you a big enough hint!!)

MNP_Whiteriver Karting-14.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-16.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-1.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-10.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-11.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-12.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-13.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-15.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-17.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-18.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-19.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-2.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-20.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-35.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-21.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-22.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-23.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-24.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-25.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-26.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-27.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-28.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-29.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-3.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-4.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-5.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-30.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-31.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-32.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-33.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-34.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-6.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-7.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-8.jpgMNP_Whiteriver Karting-9.jpg

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Drogheda From Millmount

Looking Down on Drogheda from The Cup & Saucer


Here are a couple of panoramic photos of Drogheda from Millmount. You can get fabulous views of Drogheda from up here if the weather is good. On the Hi-Res versions of these images you can really see the beauty and detail of Drogheda. The museum itself is well worth a visit too. Not only does it give a history of Millmount but also of the town of Drogheda. I brought my children there during the summer and on one floor (actually, I think it was the basement) there was a section on telecommunications and one of my daughters pointed out an old rotary phone and asked what it was! I told her it was a phone and showed her how it worked but she couldn’t figure it out. I told her to put her finger in each of the numbers, in the order that she wanted to dial. “So, you had to, like, remember numbers & stuff? That’s mad!!”. She then proceeded to take out her phone and tweet about how ancient I was!!!


Drogheda From Millmount-1.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-2.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-3.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-4.jpgDrogheda From Millmount-5.jpg

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Charity Event

Bri membersBri Staff with Special GuestsStudents from St. Josephs CBS

A recent charity event for Brí

In Aid of BRÍ, The Acquired Brain Injury Advocacy Association


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Melifont Abbey

Melifont Gate At NightPillars at MelifontRuins at Melifont AbbeyGate at MelifontTunnel at Melifont

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A wide variety of HDR Photos

NewgrangeDonaghy's Mill, DroghedaPond, War Memorial Park, DublinLake at Tredegar House, WalesTredegar HouseFlowing river, War Memorial Park, DublinJohn Boyle O'Reilly's EstateMelifont AbbeySteps at the War Memorial ParkA Tree at John Boyle O'Reilly's EstateAn arch at Melifont Abbey

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