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Legends XV Vs. Colmcilles XV


Great Craic was had by all when the Legends XV played St. Colmcilles XV this evening. Many GAA All stars turned up for what was a great evening’s entertainment. Some of the players included:

  • The mayor of Drogheda, Richie Culhane,
  • Darragh Ó Sé – Kerry footballer and six time all Ireland champion,
  • Graham Geraghty – Winner of 2 All Ireland titles for Meath in 1996 and ’99,
  • Michael Duignan – who won 2 All Ireland hurling medals for his home county, Offaly.
  • Peter Canavan – AKA Peter the Great, winner of 2 All Ireland medals & 6 All Star awards,
  • Nigel Crawford, Winner of 1 All Ireland & 3 Leinster titles for Meath, including captaining them to their win over Louth in the 2010 Leinster Final.
  • John Mullane,Waterford Hurler & Legend in his own right is a 4 time Munster Hurling Champion. He also has 5 All Stars and a National Hurling League Title to his name.
  • Ross Carr, Double All Ireland winner for County Down,
  • Seamus Moynihan, Winner of 4 All Ireland titles for County Kerry,
  • Robbie O’Malley, who played for St. Colmcilles, as well as Meath during the 80’s & 90’s and has 2 All Ireland medals & 3 All stars to his name,
  • Bernard Flynn, who has 2 All Irelands and 5 All Star Awards for Meath and was also a Cilles man.

There is also one (or two) of Bernard Flynn with local lad, Noel “Take another picture of me!” Lannon (who is wearing Bernard’s original 1987 All-Ireland winning jersey!)

Michael Duignan played in goal and also managed to commentate too! Meanwhile John Mullane (who also played in goal for a penalty kick tournament) played a blinder, as did Peter “The Great” Canavan. However, the true class of all the Meath players (both from the Cilles and The Legends) shone through in the end…& as a Meath man, I am not being one bit biased!!!



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Hill Of Slane At Night

A couple of days ago I went up to the Hill of Slane and was amazed at how beautiful it was. So much so, that, I decided to go back to the Hill of Slane at night and I gotta say, it was even nicer than I had hoped. It was beautifully lit from a distance and even better the closer I got.

As I was walking up the hill, I was composing the photographs in my head, cameras slung over my back, tripod in my hand and thinking to myself, “yeah, I like those rocks over there, I’ll try and get them into the foreground of some of the wide angle shots.” I thought it strange that here I was in the pitch black and I was able to notice rocks, yet a few days ago I never noticed them.

Stuck in the middle with Moo!

All became very clear, very soon when a few of those “rocks” got up, walked towards me and started to Moo! I nearly left a cow-pat of my own right there and then! I was exactly halfway between the ruins at the Hill of Slane and my car and I was left wondering do I go on or do I run like hell back to my car. I decided to man-up and continue gingerly up the hill. When I was about three-quarters way up I thought to myself, “what if there’s a bull in here with me?!?” Needless to say, my gingerly pace turned into a trot. When I got to the wall of the ruins I closed the gate and got cracking on taking photos, forgetting all about my bovine interaction. That was until I heard some movement quite close to me and then some more of those unmerciful moo’s from those Mad Cows again.

Halfway through the shoot I realised that an off camera flash would’ve been beneficial. It was, of course, back in the car. After a little debate in my head, I mustered up some courage and headed back to the car to get the flash, all the while humming (in the tune of that Stealers Wheel song, Stuck in the Middle With You) “Cows to the left of me, More cows to my right; stuck in the middle with Moo.

MNP_Hill Of Slane Night-1.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-17.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-8.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-13.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-11.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-4.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-15.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-12.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-14.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-10.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-16.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-18.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-19.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-7.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-2.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-20.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-21.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-3.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-5.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-6.jpgMNP_Hill Of Slane Night-9.jpg

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Hill Of Slane

I’ve been to Slane on numerous occasions over the years, whether it was for one a cup of tea and a slice of cake at George’s Patisserie or to jump into the mosh pit at a rock concert in the castle, but I’ve never been up to the hill of Slane before. I was well worth a visit and I plan to go back there at night.

Tabhair Dom Do Lámh

It’s such a shame that the statue of St. Patrick was vandalised, I can’t comprehend why someone would do something like that, I could’ve Photoshopped his hand back on, but, it is what it is. Maybe some local sculptor could put his/her hand to it and give St Patrick a hand!

Hill Of Slane-1.jpgHill Of Slane-2.jpgHill Of Slane-3.jpgHill Of Slane-4.jpgHill Of Slane-5.jpg

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Brendan Carroll Memorial Bike Race

Unexpected Bike Race

I was heading to my daughters under 12 football match this evening, intending on taking a few photographs of her playing for St. Colmcilles against Navan O’Mahonys and as I approached, I noticed that there were a lot of vehicles for such a game. It turned out that there was also a bike race scheduled to start at the same time. So, I had to make a decision…Stay and watch my daughter play her match or seize the opportunity for some sports photography and take a few snaps of the bike race.

Father of the Year

What to do, what to do?!? Well, get out the award for father of the year because I did the right thing in the end, I took a few photos of my daughter playing Gaelic (after taking a few of the race!!) I checked to see how long the race was on for and did a little bit of arithmetic in my head and I reckoned I’d be able to do both. What I hadn’t reckoned on was the fading light. So, I got a few shots of the cyclists and one or two of the match. Luckily, she has another match next week. I was also asked to cover another bike race in Carrickmacross early next month, so keep an eye out in my blog for that one too.


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Charity Event

Bri membersBri Staff with Special GuestsStudents from St. Josephs CBS

A recent charity event for Brí

In Aid of BRÍ, The Acquired Brain Injury Advocacy Association


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